5 Ways To Play Like Donald Fagen
Mar 21 2013 5:00PM
For over 40 years, Donald Fagen has had a monumental impact on modern music.  His jazz-tinged songwriting and funky keyboard work helped define the sound of a generation. Largely self-taught, Fagen regularly went to
Secrets of Better Jazz Solos
Feb 21 2013 12:43PM
As jazz pianists, we do many things simultaneously. We keep time, delineate song form, accompany other musicians, and improvise solo lines. We log countless practice hours honing skills in each of these areas. One challenge
Dave Brubeck Piano Techniques
Dec 5 2012 6:06PM
Editor's note:  We received word this morning, that legendary jazz piano pioneer Dave Brubeck passed away due to heart failure. He was just one day short of his 92nd birthday. Known most widely for making jazz in time
Hammond Chord Concoctions
Nov 26 2012 4:00PM
By BRIAN CHARETTE MANY OF MY PAST ARTICLES ABOUT PLAYING HAMMOND ORGAN HAVE FOCUSED ON IDEAS FOR SOLOING. This month, let’s look at ways to voice chords. Building chord voicings on the organ is often much different than
Left Hand Harmonic Workout
Nov 26 2012 3:02PM
I’VE ALWAYS BEEN INTRIGUED BY THE LEFT HAND. INVESTIGATING THE WAY IT CAN UNDERPIN melodic ideas is a fascination for me, and I enjoy searching for chords, inversions, and resolutions that give a refreshing aspect to the music.
Building Blocks of Better Solos
Nov 20 2012 5:31PM
By GEORGE COLLIGAN . ONE OF THE THINGS I’VE NOTICED AS A JAZZ EDUCATOR is that many of my students lack a fluent jazz vocabulary. When they improvise, their solos are essentially attempts at improvising with the hopes that
Keeping Practice Interesting
Jul 25 2012 4:00PM
by Helen Sung TIME IS PRECIOUS, SO IT’S IMPORTANT TO LEARN TO PRACTICE EFFECTIVELY. ALTHOUGH I NOW PLAY MAINLY jazz, how I practiced as a classical pianist has always stayed with me. In classical music, much of practicing is
Clave Concepts
Jun 14 2012 5:00PM
I've always been fascinated by the percussive elements of Latin jazz, so it was natural for me to adapt the ideas emanating from its potent percussion section to the piano. These concepts help to harness and reinvigorate the
Booker T Video Repost
Oct 12 2011 12:00AM
We've been meaning to catch up with Booker T. Jones since his Grammy win for the 2009 album Potato Hole--for which we interviewed him back in August '09. If you haven't heard his latest, The Road From Memphis, you're missing out,
Welcome to Keyboard's November 2011 Links Page
Oct 10 2011 12:00AM
Exclusive interview with the Flaming Lips! Evan Bogart talks songwriting, keyboards, and production. Miss our Summer NAMM gear wrap? It's online?    
Eldar's Power Warm-Ups
Jan 1 2011 12:00AM
by Eldar Djangirov Before practicing at home or performing live, I always begin with a warm-up exercise. Warming up has been an essential part of my musical routine since I was five years old. Not only does it help improve my
5 Ways to Play Like Larry Young
Nov 1 2010 1:00AM
Organist Larry Young carved out a truly unique path on the holy Hammond B-3 organ. His modal, John Coltrane-esque approach was a total departure from the soul and jazz organ styles that had dominated the airwaves of the ’60s
Misha Piatigorsky On Brazilian Jazz Basics
Oct 1 2010 1:00AM
Lesson by Misha PitatigorskyWhat could be more addictive than Brazilian Samba? When I first heard pianist Cidinho Teixeira at New York’s Zinc Bar in the mid-’90s, it was as if I’d discovered a whole new way to breathe music.
5 Ways To Play Like Kenny Kirkland
Sep 1 2010 12:00AM
by George Colligan Kenny Kirkland was a true keyboard phenomenon. From his post-bop piano proddings with trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, to his famed, genre-defying keyboard work with Sting and his own small groups, Kirkland’s
New Orleans Piano with Josh Charles
Aug 18 2010 12:00AM
Josh Charles knows a thing or two about New Orleans-style stride, boogie, and gospel piano playing. He should--at 13 years of age, he approached the legendary Dr. John and asked to be his student. After hearing what the young
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