The Chord Doctor - Expand Your Chordal Command
Jan 22 2010 7:45AM
by Clifford CarterYou hear that the government is contemplating another multi-billion dollar stimulus package. That’s an intimidating number I can’t even digest. A much kinder, gentler number is 12 — the number of notes in the
Get Funky on the Rhodes
Jan 22 2010 7:05AM
Influential recordings from the late 1960s by pioneering keyboardists (such as those by Joe Zawinul, Chick Corea with Miles Davis, and Billy Preston with the Beatles) brought the Rhodes electric piano to the forefront of modern
Synth Sense - Hot Synth Licks for Non-Synth Players
Jan 22 2010 7:00AM
by Matt BeckMatt Beck, known for his burning keyboard and guitar work with pop icons Rod Stewart and Rob Thomas, just released his latest solo CD, Anything Which Gives You Pleasure. Learn more at
Rock The Piano Glissando
Dec 1 2009 12:10PM
It’s part comedy and part drama. Early rockers, Broadway rehearsal pianists, and Jersey rockers alike have used and abused the piano glissando. It’s dramatic, cool, and aggressive, but it’s also a tad clichéd — which could
Whole Tone Tips Part 2
Oct 1 2009 5:15PM
Last month, we dove into the theory behind the whole tone scale and explored some creative ways to play with it. This month, we go deeper, using the whole tone scale for more complex melodies and figures. Remember to dial up
Finger Independence
Apr 1 2010 1:00AM
by Kiki Ebsen  In my touring career with artists like Colin Hay of Men at Work, Wilson Phillips, and my own band, it has always been challenging to find time to practice. That’s why I’ve come up with my own exercises that can
Ten Minute Technique - Warming Up Under the Gun
Jan 22 2010 8:10AM
by Josh DodesFinding time to practice is difficult for all of us. Whether you’re on the road, running from one gig to the next, or dealing with distractions at home, it can be daunting to keep your chops up. Whether at sound
Triad Textures

Want to add some bite and spice to your voicings? Look to upper structure triads for the uplifting effects you desire. As the name implies, an upper structure triad (UST) is simply a triad placed over another chord with a

How many keyboards do you take to the gig?
 Four or more

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