Making Electronic Drums More Expressive
Dec 6 2013 2:42PM
Sequenced electronic drums don’t have a reputation for expressiveness. Although sampled acoustic drums have made great strides thanks to multisampling and careful programming, electronically-generated sounds—particularly
Cinematique Instruments releases Poing
Nov 15 2013 1:44PM
Poing? Just let two balls bouncing inside an enclosed area and let them play a sound each time they are contacting an obstacle!  That exactly is Poing - It is musical Ping Pong. But also much more.... The
Tower of Power set to tour with Journey and Steve Miller Band
Nov 15 2013 1:39PM
- North American Tour Kicks Off May 15th in California - - Tickets on Sale Starting Friday, November 22 at - Los Angeles, CA (November 14, 2013) – One of music’s most renowned soul/funk bands, TOWER
Arturia announces cutting-edge KeyLab controllers
Nov 15 2013 1:29PM
“We love KeyLab because the keyboard is so intuitive! As fans and owners of vintage synths, we definitely find the same warmth and character in this great Arturia .”- The Shoes, France (2013)“Arturia synths are the best
Deeper Inside the Rudess Synth Lead Sound
Nov 15 2013 1:00PM
Last month we began exploring Jordan Rudess’ signature lead sound for his Korg Kronos. We covered the basic lead tone, its effects and controllers. Now it’s time to explore how he simulates feedback harmonics and some other
Create Explosive Transition Sounds for the Dance Floor
Nov 8 2013 12:22AM
Unique transitional effects—noise bursts, whooshes, explosions—are a great way to set yourself apart from the pack when it comes to creating your own original sound. While there are some fantastic and complex effects in modern
Unleash the Hidden Bank of Sounds in Your Acoustic Piano
Oct 18 2013 1:27PM
There’s a multitimbral percussion kit inside your acoustic piano. By placing objects on or among the strings, you can create a universe of new and useful sounds while retaining the action and dynamics of a real
Program the Jordan Rudess Lead Sound on Your Synth
Oct 11 2013 1:14PM
Let’s continue showing you how artists we all know and love use the many synthesizer soloing sounds, concepts, and techniques we’ve been exploring over the last 19 columns—20 counting last month’s analysis of George Duke’s
Create the Roland TR-808 Kick Drum Sound in Reason or Live
Sep 25 2013 1:23PM
Last month, I covered some techniques for creating synth textures out of kick drums and other percussion instruments. This month, as a counterpoint to those tricks, we’ll dive deep into synthesizing the most influential bass
Transforming Drums Into Synths
Sep 20 2013 9:57AM
One of the coolest aspects of sound itself is the fact that any piece of audio can be transformed into waveform data for further manipulation using your synthesis tools. Swedish House Mafia used this approach to great effect
Backing Tracks: Not Just for Milli Vanilli Anymore?
Sep 4 2013 3:21PM
Not long ago, performing to pre-recorded backing tracks was considered cheating—and if taken to Milli Vanilli extremes, still should be. If you’re playing contemporary hits in a cover band, though, the dense vocal layering
Muse Research Announces Receptor 2 Software Update
Aug 22 2013 4:48PM
San Jose, California. August 12, 2013—Muse Research and Development, Inc. makers of the RECEPTOR line of hardware plug-in players, has announced a new software upgrade for owners of the RECEPTOR 2 family of hardware plug-in
Wub Wub 2.0 with Multiple LFOs
Aug 22 2013 4:18PM
In previous columns, we’ve covered using LFOs for everything from dubstep “wubs” to Dutch house sirens. So if you’ve been following along at home, you should have a solid grasp of the essentials of tempo-synced LFOs. This
Five Things To Know About Getting the Most from Mastering your Music
Jul 30 2013 8:22PM
I’ve been mastering records for 40 years and have worked on everything from Bruce Springsteen and Norah Jones to Bon Iver and the Alabama Shakes. Trends and recording formats may come and go, but one thing remains the same:
Everything Old is New Again, Again
Jul 23 2013 8:56PM
I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Electronic dance music is like fashion that you can hear. It goes through predictable and well-defined stylistic cycles in which a sound begins in some underground scene, rises to
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