Synth Bass: It's Hip To Be Square
Apr 18 2014 2:50PM
I It’s often the case that producers and keyboardists pick up on a sound only after numerous hit tracks have popularized it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it has helped spawn genres like dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass—not
MIDI Reloaded: Why MIDI Still Matters, Part 2
Apr 8 2014 6:25PM
Last month, part 1 of this column re-acquainted us with the basics and benefits of MIDI, such as being able to edit notes, transpose, and change instrumentation in a song without having to re-record digital audio. This
Why create a piano sound on a Prophet 12?
Apr 4 2014 1:38PM
Longtime Keyboard reader and Keyboard Corner Forum member Steve Force had a specific gig need, as keyboardists often do: He wanted to use his Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 on a prog rock project, without needing to carry a
Spitfire audio releases premium trombone sample library
Mar 31 2014 8:01PM
LONDON, UK: compositional tools creator Spitfire Audio is proud to announce availability of BONES Vol. 1 — adding trombones to the ultimate detailed brass collection as part of its BML (British Modular Library), a longterm
Learn to make beats in Logic Pro X with online video course
Mar 31 2014 7:38PM
Comprehensive online video course site has expanded their series on Apple's flagship DAW Logic Pro X (read our full review here), created and hosted by veteran producer and sound designer Dot Bustelo.  In this series,
When Fake Hammond is Good
Mar 21 2014 12:34PM
In classic house music, the two most prominent keyboards are piano and Hammond B-3 organ. First used in the late ’80s, a synthetic B-3 sound quickly became a staple in early ’90s house music. The timbre in question was almost
MIDI Reloaded: Why MIDI Still Matters, Part 1
Mar 12 2014 4:39PM
Three decades ago, keyboards were wedded to tone generators in the same enclosure, and digital audio recording were expensive and rare—but then MIDI appeared. MIDI is a digital language by which synths, sequencers, and
Piano Tuning Tactics: Harmonics, Temperament, and Electronic Tuners
Mar 7 2014 4:13PM
As a sound engineer, I’ve known and worked with many accomplished piano players, and I’m an avid pianist myself. But until I started down the path of tuning pianos, I had no clue that the concept of a piano being perfectly
Six Rules for Working with a House Sound Engineer
Dec 25 2013 8:05PM
Many of us who play clubs, weddings, and private parties don’t regularly work with sound engineers. Often we set the levels ourselves on a basic house system, or bring our own P.A. and run it from stageside—with this double
Filter Sweeps for Funky Turnarounds in EDM
Feb 19 2014 1:04PM
As the cyclical nature of dance fashion marches on, the current trends of house music are co-opting classic ’80s funk and ’90s R&B sounds. In the next two columns, I’ll be deconstructing a pair of definitive sounds from that
Fakin' the Funk in Electronic Dance Music
Feb 19 2014 12:52PM
Last month, we covered the technique for creating filter swells for classic '80s and '90s R&B grooves. This time out, we'll take a closer look at soulful leads and supporting riffs that rely on the time-honored technique of
Rob Papen's Favorite Synth Programming Techniques
Feb 12 2014 11:44AM
Rob Papen has become known for his line of virtual synths and effects, including Predator, Blue, and Blade. But he has a long history of programming synths and samplers, starting with the Waldorf MicroWave, the Ensoniq
Synth Programming Tips from Kurzweil's Dave Weiser
Jan 31 2014 2:55PM
Anyone who has played, owned, or even asked questions online about a Kurzweil synth since the start of this century has come into contact with the deep talent and warm personality of Dave Weiser. He started creating sounds
Tips and Tricks for Loops and Beats
Jan 21 2014 11:55PM
Loops aren’t just for DJs—more musicians of all types use loops for anything from a rhythmic backbone to interesting sweetening. But if you think using loops simply means slapping them into a DAW’s track or loading them into a
Quickie Tutorial: Create 1990s FM bass sounds
Dec 20 2013 3:43PM
Well, now that the early ’90s sound is back and in full effect, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the synth patches of that era. While analog tones are a huge part of that period of music production, it’s important to

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