ROUNDUP Audio Interfaces . . . for a Song
Nov 28 2012 3:02PM
By MARTY CUTLER WE ADMIT IT: COMPUTER RECORDING INTERFACES AREN’T AS SEXY AS SYNTHS or virtual instruments—at least not at first glance. Nonetheless, they’re the conduit between your musical concept and reality. We set out
PRESONUS StudioLive 16.0.2
Nov 28 2012 1:00PM
By RYAN COSEBOOM I CAN REMEMBER BEING A YOUNG SONGWRITER INTENT ON PRODUCING AND PERFORMING MY OWN MUSIC. My budget was smaller than the polyphony of most of my synths. Each piece of gear I purchased had to be versatile,
Radial Engineering Pro D8
Nov 21 2012 1:00PM
By STEPHEN FORTNER WITH SO MANY COMPACT MIXERS OFFERING DEDICATED STEREO channels for keyboards, why use a direct box? If it’s the Radial Pro D8, one answer is that its presence tells any sound engineer, “Hah! You can’t
Steinberg CMC Series
Nov 21 2012 10:00AM
By CRAIG ANDERTON The optional Studio Frame 4 ($149.99 direct) holds up to four of the six CMC
Hot New Gear at AES 2012
Nov 2 2012 6:13PM
Whereas NAMM is huge and covers everything from pianos to DAWs to guitars to school band instruments, the Audio Engineering Society (AES) conference and trade show is for the serious recording geeks. Since we proudly put
Muse Receptor VIP First Look
Oct 4 2012 3:13PM
Muse Research's Receptor has long been the industry standard for running virtual instruments and audio plug-ins without the potential issues associated with a general-purpose Mac or Windows computer. Their Receptor VIP line
Roland Integra-7 First Look
Sep 11 2012 3:22PM
We recently got a sneak peek at Roland's comprehensive new hardware sound module, the Integra-7. Combining the "SuperNatural" acoustic, drawbar organ, and analog synth modeling of the Jupiter-80 with all of Roland's legacy SRX
Moog Music Minitaur
Jul 27 2012 12:05PM
by Francis Preve A knob for every function makes dialing in sounds fun and quick. IN THE MID-’70S, THE MOOG TAURUS BECAME SYNONYMOUS
Clean Up Your Room! Part 2: Acoustic Treatments
Jul 25 2012 7:00PM
by Marty Cutler LAST MONTH, WE REVIEWED DIGITAL TOOLS THAT DETECT ACOUSTIC PROBLEMS in your studio and compensate for them to help you do better mixes. They generate test tones, listen with a measurement mic, analyze the
The Komplete Maschine
May 2 2012 9:38PM
We recently paid a visit to Native Instruments' sparkling new U.S. headquarters in the heart of Hollywood. There, we got a firsthand demo of how tightly integrated Komplete (the full collection of every virtual instrument NI
Highlights from AES 2011
Oct 27 2011 12:00AM
The 2011 Audio Engineering Society convention returned to New York City to large crowds, Our own Jon Regen got the scoop on the latest and greatest instruments and recording gear, including the much buzzed-about Pro Tools 10 with
Booker T Video Repost
Oct 12 2011 12:00AM
We've been meaning to catch up with Booker T. Jones since his Grammy win for the 2009 album Potato Hole--for which we interviewed him back in August '09. If you haven't heard his latest, The Road From Memphis, you're missing out,
Welcome to Keyboard's November 2011 Links Page
Oct 10 2011 12:00AM
Exclusive interview with the Flaming Lips! Evan Bogart talks songwriting, keyboards, and production. Miss our Summer NAMM gear wrap? It's online?    
Korg Monotribe
Sep 22 2011 12:00AM
by Francis Preve   Saying that analog synthesis is having a renaissance is kind of like saying Deadmau5 is an up-and-coming producer. The fact of the matter is that analog is back in full effect—and with good reason. After a
Dallas Austin and the Beat Thang
Aug 18 2011 12:00AM
Storied producer Dallas Austin wanted a drum machine that did everything he liked about his classic gear, and also added a lot more sounds and functionality, and was easier to use than all the gear he cut his teeth on. So he did
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