Novation Launchpad S reviewed
Feb 14 2014 4:23PM
Since its introduction in 2009, Novation’s original Launchpad has developed a cult following among performance-oriented Ableton fans, thanks to its combination of affordability, gig-friendly size, and realtime control of
Ableton Push reviewed
Jan 17 2014 1:52PM
It’s a testament to the ubiquity of Ableton Live that an entire ecosystem of MIDI controllers has arisen to support this performance-oriented DAW. From Akai’s APC line to Novation’s LaunchPad and LaunchKey line, controller
Gadgets We Love This Holiday Season
Nov 27 2013 1:07PM
Have one or more keyboard players on your holiday gifting list? We know--they're hard to shop for, especially when it comes to buying technology. Fear not, as we've compiled a list of our favorite gadgets and
Apogee Symphony IO Audio Interface Reviewed
Nov 20 2013 1:39PM
I’ve been recording music professionally since 1996, both independently and on a variety of record labels. Throughout my journey, I’ve encountered Apogee converters in studios from New York to New Orleans and Los Angeles to
Livid Alias 8 Controller Review
Sep 18 2013 6:10PM
Austin-based Livid Instruments has become one of the hippest controller makers in the industry, with artists ranging from Bassnectar to Richie Hawtin praising their highly customizable MIDI control surfaces. A few months
Kurzweil Kore64 ROM Expansion for PC3 and PC3K
Sep 9 2013 11:34PM
PROS: Excellent and expertly programmed synths, guitars, horns, mallets, drums, and atmospheres. New waveform data sampled from vintage analog synths. Setups and new song starters for your sequencer are a bonus. CONS:
Modular Synthesis Demystified
Jul 23 2013 8:22PM
Not unlike vinyl records, modular synths have worked their way back into the mainstream with a vengeance. Once the domain of university music departments, cerebral and deep-pocketed electronic composers, and progressive rock
Apogee Symphony IO and Thunderbridge First Look
Nov 15 2013 2:29PM
Jon Regen recently reviewed Apogee's high-end Symphony audio interface, together with the Thunderbridge for pairing with a Thunderbolt-equipped Mac. He liked it so much he bought it. Read the full review in our November 2013
Jaspers Keyboard Stands: The Solution For Stacking
Oct 16 2013 4:15PM
It’s every keyboard player’s dream: The hardware synths you’ve spent years acquiring all proudly displayed, plugged in, MIDI’ed up, and ready to work. They’re stacked close together to evoke the cascade of manuals on a pipe
Summer NAMM 2013 Video Gear Reports
Jul 13 2013 2:53PM
Summer NAMM is on, and we've been pounding the floor to bring you the latest in keyboard, recording, and live sound news from Nashville. If you can't see the videos below, CLICK HERE to watch them on YouTube, which often works
Universal Audio Apollo Reviewed
Jun 4 2013 2:00PM
“What’s the one thing our UAD system doesn’t do . . . yet?” Universal Audio’s Amanda Whiting quizzed me some weeks before the Apollo was first announced. I first wondered if maybe they were adding soft synths to their
Powered Speakers that Make Great Keyboard Amps
Apr 23 2013 2:00AM
Gigging keyboardists have been a huge reason for the success of a product that, with a few exceptions, hasn’t been marketed as a “keyboard thing.” That, of course, is the portable powered stage monitor. They tend to have much
Mackie DL1608
Mar 14 2013 8:00PM
The first thing to know about Mackie’s DL1608 live mixer is that though you need an iPad (not included) to run it, that’s for control only—the Mackie hardware itself does all the mixing and audio processing. Why use an
Muse Research - Peavey Electronics MuseBox
Feb 21 2013 12:20PM
The Muse Receptor family has gained a large following by providing a robust hardware solution for using software synths, samplers and plug-ins onstage and in the studio. However, a capable Receptor is not the smallest of
ROUNDUP Audio Interfaces . . . for a Song
Nov 28 2012 3:02PM
By MARTY CUTLER WE ADMIT IT: COMPUTER RECORDING INTERFACES AREN’T AS SEXY AS SYNTHS or virtual instruments—at least not at first glance. Nonetheless, they’re the conduit between your musical concept and reality. We set out

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