Two-Handed Synth Soloing Ideas, Part 1
Mar 26 2014 1:50PM
[Editor's note: This column originally appeared in our March 2014 issue and was entitled "Nothing Wrong with Showing Off."]   We’ve been binging on synth programming for quite some time in my column, so let’s get back to some
5 Ways To Comp on a Hammond B-3
Feb 19 2014 12:32PM
Short for accompanying, “comping” is an often-overlooked component of playing the Hammond B-3 organ. Often, one ends up holding pads and throwing a Leslie switch back and forth while the guitar player takes yet another solo.
5 Ways To Play Like Billy Preston
Feb 7 2014 2:15PM
I was approximately 14 years old when I started to discover gospel and blues licks, listening to Mark Naftalin from the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and early John Mayall records. At that time (the mid 1960s), there were plenty
Keyboard Soloing Ideas from Jeff Lorber
Jan 17 2014 1:33PM
When I was playing the club circuit in Boston and New England in 1972, I thought I had a pretty great keyboard rig: a Rhodes Stage electric piano, a Fender Twin Reverb amp, and a wah pedal. Then I stopped by Bunratty’s Bar
Jeff Lorber on Funk Comping
Dec 13 2013 3:09PM
As a member of the rhythm section, one of the keyboard player’s roles main roles is to playing supporting harmonic and rhythmic accompaniment that propels the music forward. This is especially true of funk music. While the
Building a Better Groove
Dec 10 2013 12:20PM
Whether I’m in the studio working and producing different projects, or I’m playing live on stages around the world, for me everything starts with the groove. Often times, you can get things cooking by simply laying down a few
Jeff Lorber Pumps Up Your Solos with ii-V Progressions
Nov 19 2013 6:53PM
When you’re soloing, your ideas should flow organically and not sound like musical formulae plugged into chord changes. All of the concepts of my last few columns—pentatonics, blues licks, and modal playing—are more or less
Clavinet in Context
Sep 9 2013 11:16PM
I was introduced to the Hohner Clavinet by artists like Billy Preston, Garth Hudson, Stevie Wonder, Willie Turbinton, Art Neville, Edgar Winter, Bernie Worrell, and Terry Adams of NRBQ. In many ways, my approach to the
5 Ways to Play Like George Duke
Aug 7 2013 12:39PM
Trying to reduce George Duke’s playing to five examples is basically impossible. He has done so much in such a wide variety of styles, that what follows will only scratch the surface of his musical mastery. That being said,
Jeff Lorber on Pentatonic Soloing in Fusion
Jul 17 2013 1:10PM
Welcome to “Cold Fusion,” a new Keyboard column where we’ll be exploring concepts of jazz-fusion playing from the ground up. Let’s begin with pentatonic soloing. Pentatonic scales are especially relevant when it comes
Be the Bass With These Left Hand Techniques
May 15 2013 2:13PM
Picture this: You got the gig and you’re excited about the music. You get to your first rehearsal and the bandleader wants you to play “bass” on a couple of things. You panic because you’ve never had to be the bass player and
Synth Soloing Portamento Master Class
May 3 2013 12:34PM
In the last two columns, we’ve explored the difference between single (legato) envelope triggering and multiple triggering, and the performance possibilities offered by each. In some synths, you can also vary between legato
Add Impact to Your B3 Bass Lines with Percussive Pedal Techniques
Apr 26 2013 12:48PM
A powerful technique used by most modern B-3 organists is to tap rhythmically on a bass pedal while playing the actual bass line on the lower manual using the left hand. Only occasionally do they play actual bass notes on the
Creative Concepts for Funky Keys
Oct 4 2012 3:00PM
Soulive, left to right: Alan Evans, Eric Krasno, and Neal Evans. by NEAL EVANS I GOT MY FIRST ORGAN WHEN I WAS 19, PRIMARILY BECAUSE IT WAS AN INSTRUMENT OF CONVENIENCE—if you can call a 400-pound instrument
5 Ways To Play Like Greg Phillinganes
Jul 25 2012 4:00PM
by Matt Beck ONE LOOK AT GREG PHILLINGANES’ RÉSUMÉ AND YOU’LL QUICKLY UNDERSTAND why he has risen to the top of modern music. Greg has toured and/or recorded with Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, Herbie Hancock,

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