5 Ways To Play Like Hiromi
Aug 21 2013 2:57PM
Hiromi Uehara was playing in her home country of Japan when she met jazz keyboard icon Chick Corea. Corea was so impressed at the talent of the then 17-year-old prodigy that on the very next day, the two performed in concert
Jazz Arranging for Keyboardists
May 16 2013 3:00PM
Keyboard players are naturally good arrangers. We do it every day while we’re writing, tracking, putting chords to melodies, and mixing our music. All of these activities involve selecting textures, achieving balance, and
Bad-Ass Licks
Oct 4 2012 3:17PM
by JOHN NOVELLO BAD-ASS (ADJ., BĂD'-ĂSS): THE QUALITY OF KEYBOARD LICKS THAT (A) COVER more than the usual pentatonic and blues scales, simple repeatable patterns, and arpeggios; (B) are spontaneously performed, not prefab
Booker T Video Repost
Oct 12 2011 12:00AM
We've been meaning to catch up with Booker T. Jones since his Grammy win for the 2009 album Potato Hole--for which we interviewed him back in August '09. If you haven't heard his latest, The Road From Memphis, you're missing out,
Welcome to Keyboard's November 2011 Links Page
Oct 10 2011 12:00AM
Exclusive interview with the Flaming Lips! Evan Bogart talks songwriting, keyboards, and production. Miss our Summer NAMM gear wrap? It's online?    
Eldar's Power Warm-Ups
Jan 1 2011 12:00AM
by Eldar Djangirov Before practicing at home or performing live, I always begin with a warm-up exercise. Warming up has been an essential part of my musical routine since I was five years old. Not only does it help improve my
Minor Scale Mastery
Dec 1 2009 12:25PM
Minor chords are used liberally in jazz, both in standards and originals, so it’s important to know your options when it comes to playing scales over these chords. On the surface, you could surmise that a minor chord would
Master Class Stride Piano
Oct 1 2009 5:10PM
Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of piano players like the mention of stride piano. This seemingly impossible old style is like ragtime on steroids, and pushes jazz pianists to the limit. The left hand alternates a low
Whole Tone TipsPart 1
Sep 1 2009 4:50AM
by Andy LaVerne The whole tone scale consists of six notes separated by whole-step intervals. Since this scale has no half-step leading tones and is symmetrical, it doesn’t give a strong indication of tonality, and

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