Marizan Cosmosis

May 1, 2010

Marizane_CosmosisThree words: steampunk renfaire rock. In case you’ve eaten too many Hater Tots, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. In the hands of keyboardist Debbie Shair (her main gig is with rock’s famed sister act Heart) on piano and synths, and her musical partner Todd Jaeger on vocals and guitar, it’s very good indeed. Insofar as comparing bands to other bands ever does anyone justice, we’re talking about a morph between the Dickensian folk-rock of Jethro Tull (“Kon Tiki Parabola”) and Ziggy-era David Bowie (“The Rock Song”). Really, though, Marizane’s sound is better described in terms of the fantastical realms where we’re sure they’d gig if they could: This is the band that would do the prom at Hogwarts, then fly their dirigible through a dimensional riff to play at a soiree hosted by Mrs. Coulter in Philip Pullman’s Golden Compass universe, then entertain the ghostly clientele of Miyazaki’s Spirited Away bathhouse at afternoon tea the next day. A bit geeky? Maybe. Hooky, melodic, full of great musicianship, and guiltily fun? Absolutely.

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