Vintage Vibe announces new preamp for old Clavinets

March 4, 2014
New Jersey-based instrument restorer and manufacturer Vintage Vibe, known for their EPC electric tine pianos and Vibanet reimagining of the Clav, is releasing a preamp based on the one in the Vibanet. It's designed to fit Hohner model D6 and E7 Clavinets, and promises a major upgrade in terms of low noise, control, and overall tone.
Here's a picture:
Here's a video of the Vibanet from NAMM 2013, which includes a discussion of the preamp: 
We don't have pricing information yet, but if you have a vintage Clav sitting around with a noisy (or non-functioning) preamp circuit, this is the ticket. We'll be reviewing it in full as soon as a sample becomes available. 
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