The Komplete Maschine

May 2, 2012
We recently paid a visit to Native Instruments' sparkling new U.S. headquarters in the heart of Hollywood. There, we got a firsthand demo of how tightly integrated Komplete (the full collection of every virtual instrument NI makes) and Maschine (their pad-controller, groove sequencer, and hosting environment) truly are.
In the clips below, we'll explore selecting, splitting, and layering sounds, and how Maschine can act as a full-featured host for Komplete. Then we'll move to how quickly one can create grooves--whether you like to work "808" style (by assigning hits or rests to defined steps in a running sequence) or "MPC" style (by drumming out beats on the pads in real time). Finally, though Maschine can run standalone, we'll look at how slick things get when you host it as a plug-in in your DAW of choice. Specifically, any pattern you've created--or any individual sound or subset of sounds from that pattern--can be dragged-and-dropped straight into an audio track in your host, where it will immediately render as audio. 
Look for a full review soon. Can't see the video player below? CLICK HERE to load it separately.
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