SynthMaker becomes FlowStone

November 20, 2012


UK based DSPRobotics (OutSim Ltd.) release Version 3 of their popularFlowStonegraphical programming language. This version marks a milestone in the company’s development as it now includes the entire feature set from their sister softwareSynthMakeras well as a host of new features, developments, and expanded Ruby Code support.

As of today both products will live on under the FlowStone brand and continue to support an ever expanding market including VST/VSTi Plug in development, Rapid Software Development, Engineering, Robotics, Test and Measurement, Education, Home Automation, Audio/Video Signal Processing.


Existing users of the SynthMaker, are able to directly upgrade to FlowStone for an upgrade fee. 

DSPRobotics CEO Carl Owen says:

“Having worked in the music industry for over 10 years, I appreciate the importance of continuing development for the music plugin side of our software, and it was time we merged our two main products SynthMaker and FlowStone. Many of the more powerful features in FlowStone were missing in SynthMaker, like the Ruby Code module that allows you do drop directly in to code ant any point in the development process, so it made sense to merge the two products.  There is also total backward compatibility with SynthMaker OSM project files and these can be directly opened in FlowStone”

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