Starr Labs releases AirPower wireless MIDI/USB power system

June 30, 2014
Starr Labs' new Air Power AP3 is a wireless MIDI+Power over USB, is a revolutionary system which includes an integrated rechargeable USB battery power supply. It is the first and only system allowing for complete untethered freedom of movement. AP3 is compatible with any MIDI over USB device that requires USB power. 

Simply plug your USB cable into the Air Power AP3 system and instantly have a 250-foot invisible USB cable with up to six hours of device power as provided by the 4000 maH Li-Ion battery. AP3 allows complete freedom, to move about or locate anywhere wirelessly, on a dedicated link, up to 250 feet away from your MIDI/USB computer applications (line of sight).

Pricing EST MAP $399.00
Shipping:  September 2014
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