Producers Roundtable Go-To Synths Of EDM

October 1, 2010

This month, we’re kicking off a series of roundtables with today’s hottest producers. Each time, we ask a different question to a panel from the electronic dance music or indie-pop worlds. Reach out to us by your favorite means with questions and names of artists you’d like us to interrogate.

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RichardDinsdale_nrRichard Dinsdale
At the moment I’m all over the Minimoog Voyager. I was lucky enough to have Micky Slim lend me his, after which I had to get one. No matter what I’m making, I can’t stop myself from going to the Voyager. It’s packed with fat sounds, and with three ocscillators with massive ranges, there’s no limit to what it can make.






















JoshGabriel_nrJosh Gabriel
With all my touring, there’s no choice but to have my laptop bemy studio. My go-to synth is FXpansion Strobe. It generates sound using actual circuit models rather than plain DSP synth modules. The results remind me of the fun I had in the ’80s with analog synths. Strobe is warm and alive, a sound not often present in soft synths. The user interface is simple and inviting. They were smart enough to have a basic “init” patch for control freaks like me. What’s more, this synth has one of the best modulation systems I’ve ever seen. I can experiment with modulation possibilities that really push the limits of traditional synthesis.






















JoshHarris_nrJosh Harris
For a while now, my [Access] Virus TI desktop module has been my go-to synth. Although soft synths have come a long way over the last few years, I’ve always leaned towards hardware. There’s a sonic depth my ears don’t usually hear in a virtual synth. The Virus TI is extremely deep. The saw wave patches are some of the fattest out there, and the built-in effects add such dimensionality that I do very little to fit sounds into a mix. It also interfaces perfectly with Logic via USB. You can automate it like a plug-in.



















PatchPark_nrPatch Park (Perry O’Neil)
I’ve been into [Native Instruments] Absynth since I discovered it a few years ago. Its versatility at producing soundscapes is like no other synth. I strongly recommend it for new techno producers, as it’s packed with crazy presets. Just a few clicks can turn a rather simple pad into a neat chord stab or a nasty pluck. A feature called Mutator lets you create new sounds based on characteristics of the presets you choose. For me, Absynth is really the flagship of available software synths.

















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