Korg Kronos First Impressions

June 15, 2011

by Stephen Fortner

I reviewed the Korg Kronos for the September issue, and wanted to share with you some of my very first impressions based on noodling on it in my studio. This should by no means be considered a full review or Keyboard's final word on the Kronos--likewise for any off-the-cuff comparative statements to other instruments. Rather, I just wanted to share some of the "thinking out loud" that's endemic to the review process, and invite your feedback in the comments section below. Be sure to read the full review in the September 2011 issue, coming to a newsstand or music store near you before the end of August!

For the Kronos demo videos from Winter NAMM 2011, CLICK HERE.

Can't see the videos below? CLICK HERE.


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Keys and Synths
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