Imogen Heap developing "Minority Report" gloves for musicmaking

March 31, 2014
Songwriter and vocalist Imogen Heap has long been at the cutting edge of not just using technology to make music, but of making music that's the result of technology and digital interaction and a commentary on that same process at the same time.
Her latest project is a sophisticated pair of gloves that aims to take gestural control of tone generation and sound modification to a new degree of refinement and fluidity.
Called Mi.Mu, the gloves track a variety of hand and finger movements, which they can then translate into OSC or MIDI messages, and transmit on 32 separate channels over WiFi to control your music production software of choice. Specific movements understood include:
  • The orientation of your hand
  • The “flex” of your fingers
  • Your current hand posture (e.g. fist, open hand, one finger point)
  • The direction (up, down, left, right, forwards, backwards) of your hand
  • Sharp movements such as drum hits

To learn more and become a partner in her efforts, visit the Mi.Mu Kickstarter page. We'll be talking to Imogen about this project in Keyboard soon!
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