FREE! - FreeForm Kontakt ROMpler

March 10, 2017

Channel Robot announces the release of FreeForm for Kontakt 5.5+, a free powerful ROMpler utilising version 2 of Channel Robot's Formula engine.

Included in FreeForm Volume 1 are 40 individual Kontakt instruments covering a diverse range of usable sounds in over 1GB of uncompressed material.


- Dual Voices - Standard and Formant based.

- Separate Voice tuning - in semi-tone increments. (New Feature)

- Separate Voice Gain Stages. (New Feature)

- Individual Pan, and Glide controls.

- 4 separate send effect controls for each voice.


In addition each voice has independent:

- Low pass filter. (New Feature)

- Filter LFO. (New Feature)

- AHDSR Filter envelope. (New Feature)

- Volume attack and release settings. (New Feature)

- Vibrato LFO.

- Tremelo LFO.


The Formant Voice also has.

- Formant control.

- Formant Speed control.

- Formant smoothing control.


All instruments additionally feature:

- Note unison (up to 4 separate voices per note including spread and fade times)

- Trance Gate - including tempo, number of steps, and gate retriggering.

- extensive modulation system, with nearly all controls modulatable with tempo-syncing, one-shot, retriggering and controlled randomisation (New Feature).


Finally each instrument includes the extensive ChannelRobot Effects controls. Each voice has 4 independent effects slots with selection from over 20 effects in each slot, plus 4 send effects slots with 5 FX options in each.

Available immediately to members of the Channel Robot site. Sign up at and download for free from the "Free Stuff" page

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