First Look at the Nord Lead 4

November 20, 2013
It’s that little red keyboard that coined the term “virtual analog.” First arriving from Sweden in 1995, the Nord Lead used then-young digital physical modeling technology to recreate the sound of an analog synthesizer. What’s more, it had a dashboard laden with real-time control knobs (a rarity for new synths at the time). It was a hit; so much so that we’ve come to expect real-time controls in all types of keyboards, from solo synths to workstations. The Nord Lead 4 is the latest model in the line, and this time it comes into a world chock full of virtual analog synths of all shapes, sizes, and prices. How does it compete, and where does it stand out? Read the full review in our December 2013 issue, and take a video first look with reviewer Tom Brislin here. 
Can't see the video below? CLICK HERE for our YouTube mirror.

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