Amp Up Part 1 Four Combo Amps Take the Stage

January 1, 2011

Unless you play acoustic piano live, your amp is the only part of your rig your ears hear. Plus, where a guitar or bass amp only has to make guitar or bass sound good, keyboards amps need to flatter any sound you dial up. Of course, you also need to hear yourself, and in smaller venues or ones where the P.A. is puny, project your sound to the audience as well.

Something is a combo amp if it incorporates speakers, power amp, multiple inputs, and mixer in one enclosure, and this month, we’ve gig-tested what we think are the four best going. We haven’t forgotten that many of you use one or two powered monitor wedges plus a mixer as your keyboard amp, so we’re rounding up the usual (and not-so-usual) suspects in that category in next month’s issue (February 2011).

Click these links for our review of each amp:

Barbetta SE-53C
Bose L1 Compact
Motion Sound KP-500SN
Roland KC-880
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