Roland Jupiter-80 Video Exclusive
Wed, 6 Apr 2011

Chances are, you've read the rumors and speculation about Roland's new synth all across the Internet. Here's the Keyboard difference: We saw it and played it as far back as NAMM, even though it's only today debuted at Musikmesse.

Official press release from Roland follows these videos. Apologies for the below-average video quality, but in an otherwise no-video-allowed situation, Roland allowed editor Stephen Fortner to shoot on a pocket video camera in their off-floor hotel suite, where a very small group of journalists was allowed to see and play the Jupiter under non-disclosure agreement. People who keep those agreements tend to get invited back, which helps us to bring you accurate, up-close coverage of the newest gear.

Can't see the videos? CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE for a hi-res JPG of the page from our upcoming May issue that was leaked onto the Internet (without our knowledge or consent) and posted by several blog sites. If you're gonna get it, you may as well get a high-quality version straight from the source.

Los Angeles, CA, April 6, 2011 — In 1981, Roland created the JUPITER-8, with the goal of creating the most expressive synthesizer possible. Equipped with the leading technology of its day, the legendary synth’s unique character and rich sound has remained iconic in the popular musical landscape ever since.  Today, Roland is extremely proud to introduce the JUPITER-80 Synthesizer, a keyboard that represents an unprecedented leap in the pursuit of the most realistic and authentically expressive electronic musical instrument, just as its namesake did when it was launched 30 years ago.

0411 Roland Jupiter-80 

With a sleek industrial design that pays homage to the original JUPITER-8, the 76-key touchscreen-driven JUPITER-80 integrates the highest caliber of analog modeling, digital synthesis, and SuperNATURAL® expressiveness available in a live performance synthesizer. This combination of Roland’s most advanced synthesis technologies gives keyboardists not only an amazingly realistic and organic sound, but a truly authentic performance.
The JUPITER-80 Synthesizer also features a complete suite of SuperNATURAL sounds—piano, brass, strings, guitar, and more—resulting in the most realistic array of acoustic instruments ever assembled in a keyboard.  The SuperNATURAL sound engine constantly analyzes the player’s natural keyboard performance to continuously produce the authentic performance behavior of the selected sound - all without altering the player’s normal keyboard technique. These meticulously crafted SuperNATURAL instruments, now under control of behavior modeling, provide the most authentic acoustic playing experience for live performances and studio recordings.

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