October 29, 2009-09:30PM

  What's up Keyboard readers Robbie Gennet here on the new Keyboard blog, reporting in from Southern California. I tend to get around down here to see a wide variety of shows (and play a few too ) and wanted

October 20, 2009-04:12PM

by Francis Preve   Here are two more great iPhone apps that will help you make music on the go. EllatronDeveloper Omenie Price $2.99Website web.mac.com omenie Site Ellatron.htmlOf all the classic synths that could be converted to iPhone format, we’re

October 18, 2009-05:09PM

Here's a quick demo of Cakewalk's V Studio 100, which is a very different beast from the V Studio 700 we reviewed some months ago. It functions as audio interface, standalone stereo SD card recorder, and single fader control surface. 

October 12, 2009-04:46PM

At least that's what it seemed like when we saw these demos. VocalRider is a dynamics management plug whose sole purpose is to "ride the fader" for the lead vocal in relation to the rest of your mix. To watch

October 12, 2009-04:33PM

 We first became aware of talented drummer and software developer Steven Slate when he showed off his drum libraries at NAMM back in January 2009. Now, he has his own drum replacer app, and when you see how quickly and

October 12, 2009-04:26PM

Corey from BIAS treated us to a great demo of Pitchcraft EZ, the new $99 pitch correction plug in from Berkeley Integrated Audio Software. While it's raison d'etre is to offer easy and affordable pitch correction, BIAS discovered a sort

October 11, 2009-07:58PM

Studio dwellers who record guitars, but can't mike up a cabinet, are familiar with a perennial complaint made by guitarists who are forced to record through amp modeling hardware or software They don't get the same tone as by driving

October 11, 2009-05:36PM

Phantom power is lethal to ribbon mics, right? Not any more. Two new mics from Audio Technica use it to their sonic advantage. Here, A T guy Gary Boss goes into detail about the construction of the ribbons, and shows

October 11, 2009-05:21PM

Following up on our previous blog post, Radial president Peter Janis shows off the modules made to work with the Workhorse 5000. You could configure it with eight pres for a multichannel front end, or with a couple of pres,

October 11, 2009-12:02AM

When you think about it, the word "lunchbox" has always had connotations of the extremely practical and frugal. Your co worker spends $15 to $30 on lunch (or a lot more, given that I'm currently in New York City) but


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