Two Notes Torpedo(2)

October 11, 2009

Studio dwellers who record guitars, but can't mike up a cabinet, are familiar with a perennial complaint made by guitarists who are forced to record through amp modeling hardware or software: They don't get the same tone as by driving the tubes in their favorite head. This new box aims to solve that problem, as it's both an attenuator that can take the full output of a guitar amp--that's right, you plug the speaker output into it--and a speaker cabinet modeling device. You can choose from a ton of virtual cabinets and virtual mics, adjust mic distance and position, and so on. But the killer app here is that a guitarist can drive their favorite head (or combo amp if they just unplug the speaker), and wring every gram of tone possible out of those tubes, in a studio situation where you don't have access or noise tolerance to an actual cabinet.

Trouble seeing the video below? Click here.


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