New Muse Receptor Has Solid State Drive

October 09, 2009

Among the big news items from the folks at Muse Research was that UniWire is now working with Pro Tools, so you can control your receptor from your Pro Tools session!

In bigger news for touring and studio keyboardists, the Receptor Pro now has a solid state drive (SSD) option. This means huge throughput for streaming large sample libraries, more reliability as there are no moving parts, and less heat, meaning you need lower-speed fans to keep it cool, so it's quieter.

In one of the two videos below, Muse president Chris Halaby explains the new Receptor. In the other, I take Synthogy Ivory for a spin using the new SSD Drive. In the next blog entry, we'll see John Emerich from FXpansion play BFD2--now running on Receptor--using his cool ZenDrum controller!

Trouble seeing the vids below? Click here.


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