Dig My Rig, December 2010

November 23, 2010

matt-riddle_nrHere’s the touring rig I use with the Yes tribute band Going for the One (myspace.com/goingfortheoneband).

Kurzweil SP88: I love how compact and lightweight this is for an 88-key controller. The soft weighted action lets me play for hours without fatigue, and the piano sounds great! I use it for all piano parts.

Roland JV-80: I have the Vintage Keys expansion card installed. I use it for stuff that isn’t a synth, piano, Hammond, or Mellotron, like the harpsichord in “Siberian Khatru” and the pipe organ on “Close to the Edge.”

Fatar 610: This ultra-lightweight controller sits nicely atop my Hammond. I have it there to play synth lines in conjunction with Hammond parts. “Heart of the Sunrise” is an excellent example. It’s MIDI’ed to my . . .

Studio Electronics SE-1: I bought mine before the Voyager came out and it’s still one of the best Moog clones I’ve heard. I use it for secondary Moog stuff like the harmony on the famous “Roundabout” line. I play the principle line on the Minimoog. Playing both parts together sounds just like the record.




moogtronMinimoog Model D: What can I say about this synth that hasn’t already been said? I refinished mine using printer ink and 12 coats of polyurethane for the shine. It sounds great on “And You and I” and “Close to the Edge.”













BV-chopHammond BV: When I bought it, the cabinet was shot and perfect for a chop. I removed the pedals, preamp, and vibrato scanner, which let me cut the 400-pound beast down to 150. I added percussion and tapped the main coil for the output. I built a plywood base, which houses an Alesis 31-band EQ and Peavey Rage 100-watt amp to power my Leslie.

Mellotron MIDI controller. This one-of-a-kind controller is an exact replica of a Mellotron. The details are so good on this that the top, front and back panels, and even the cheek blocks are removable. It’s MIDI’ed to my E-mu Vintage Keys rack and my Ensoniq ASR10 with the Mike Pinder samples.

Matt Riddle, Rochester, NY, via Facebook

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I’m in two bands and also take hired-gun gigs.
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