Dig My Rig!(2)

September 28, 2010

BMacLeBarBat_nrI’m in two bands and also take hired-gun gigs. I’m lucky to have accumulated over 90 keyboards and rack modules from which to build rigs for a specific purpose—good job, Keyboard advertisers!

For my ELP-style band MTR, I use a Yamaha Motif ES7 and a Korg CX-3, which has the “organ power-down” sound I can trigger with a pedal. I use a Roland JD-800 and a Minimoog Voyager Anniversary Edition, and I work the knobs on both for the whole show. An M-Audio Oxygen 8 is MIDI’ed to the Voyager, extending its key range to hit the low notes in “Tarkus.” For getting out front, the Casio AZ-1 is my favorite keytar due to its aftertouch and left-hand controls layout. I bring out a vintage Minimoog and Multimoog for choice gigs.

Then there’s Last Licks, a classic rock group in which I use a Hammond XK-2 because it really nails the Jon Lord sound, and I can almost get a Vox Continental out of it for Doors-style playing. In this band, I need quick sound changes more than realtime control, so a 73-key Korg M3 with the Radias expansion really delivers with its splits and layers. Then, it’s a Roland VK-1000 MIDI’ed to a Yamaha Motif Rack, and a Korg MS2000 for its button layout and easy sound manipulation. Bruce MacPherson

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