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August 30, 2010

Bill Wilcox

Wilcox_2_nrThe worship band I’m in had to play Jaci Velasquez’s “We Can Make a Difference.” As resident synth guy, I recreated three separate parts for the song. The other keyboardist would do the Rhodes part on a Kurzweil PC1X. I used my ever-faithful Ensoniq SD-1 and Alesis Ion. The octave-jumping part underneath the vocal “do-do-do” bits was an Ion program named “Hollow Moog,” which is a sine wave patch programmed by one of the talented folks on Yahoo’s Ion user group. The high string note held during the chorus was an SD-1 patch I’d edited to take on a Mellotron feel per a suggestion in an early- ’90s article in Keyboard. The challenging part was the tremolo guitar from the pre-chorus. Some seatof- the-pants programming involving a guitar patch and rotary effects did the trick. A keyboard split on the SD-1 put the guitar and string patches close together, as I needed to go from one to the other quickly. I’ve come to appreciate the SD-1’s intuitive interface for creating performance setups. A Roland JV-1080 and E-mu Vintage Keys join the party as well. An Alesis NanoVerb sweetens up the Ion and Vintage Keys, and an Alesis DataDisc stores programs for them.

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