First Look: Apple MacBook Air

June 08, 2011

When Apple called and asked me to take a look at the latest iteration of their ultra-thin MacBook Air laptop (the one introduced in October 2010), my initial thought was "Um, we're a magazine about serious music production tools. Wouldn't you rather we looked at the new MacBook Pro with the Core i7 chip?"

Of course, I didn't say that out loud. And to answer my own question--no, because as I found out, the new Air has more than enough power to meet the needs of the majority of musicians who want to either (A) host soft synths for live performance, or (B) do multitrack recording and mixdown of their own compositions.

A full review appears in our July 2011 issue, but I'll give you the short version: Whatever you thought you knew (perhaps from previous versions) about the MacBook Air being a lightweight or a fashion accessory, fuhgeddaboutit. Find out more in the videos below. Can't see 'em? CLICK HERE.

(By the way, that's really my kitchen. It's way neater than the office is at the moment. -SF)


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