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October 10, 2011





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KEVIN ROTH: On Making Children's Music Interesting by Michael Gallant
 DAN TEPFER: Variations on Variations by Michael Gallant

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THE CHORD DOCTOR: Comping Class by David Cook

ORGAN: Better B-3 Bass Lines by Radam Schwartz

JAZZ BASICS:  Melodic Development in Improvisation by Shelly Berg

ARTIST FEATURE: Derek Sherinian - Keyboard Hero for a New Generation by Robbie Gennet and Lori Kennedy

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DANCE: Sideband Morphing by Francis Preve

STEAL THIS SOUND: Daft Punk's "Derezzed" by Mitchell Sigman

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MOOG MUSIC Minimoog Voyager XL by Ken Hughes

  • Audio examples coming soon.

HAMMOND SK1 by Stephen Fortner

STEINBERG Cubase 6 by Marty Cutler

WIZDOM MUSIC MorphWiz by Francis Preve

ROLAND RD-300NX by Tom Brislin

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