Video Revolution in the Classroom

September 11, 2012
  Alan Parsons Art and Science of Sound Recording Announces Educational License
The award-winning, 10-hour video series Alan Parsons’ Art & Science Of Sound Recording has now been launched as an app for Mac & PC, with prices ranging from $60-$80 per seat.
Producers Keyfax NewMedia have been working on the new ASSR Educational License for almost a year in consultation with leading UK music education specialist Andrew Kitchenham from The Music Technology Centre.
Schools and colleges who have already been using the DVD set can now utilize this body of work in a fast, easy-to-access and interactive way for the entire classroom.
Installed on all your workstations for individual and fast access
imgIn place of the original 3-DVD set comes an elegant, custom USB card that can install ASSR on every workstation in your music lab. Students can now learn from and refer to this encyclopedic body of work right as they undertake a music project.
The video browser is a fantastic rapid-access tool for finding specific parts within each of the 24 video Sections (EG ‘polar patterns’ within the Microphone Section). Clicking on a Section’s Lesson Guide skips you straight to that point in the video.
Interactive bonus materials online
Workstations with access to the internet allow students to use bonus features like ASSR’s Student Center. After registering on the website using their provided school code, students can take the online Quizzes—one per video Section. Teachers can view the result to monitor comprehension, or even to use them as the basis for grades. The Quizzes are not only fun, they have immense value in reinforcing learning and are a huge aid to teaching staff.
Bonus videos, source material such as uncompressed audio files, forums and even direct access to special education pricing on equipment, complete the Student Center.
Importantly, students can log into the Student Center from any location, which makes this a potentially important ‘distance learning’ component.
The Student Center is free to all students for the first year. In subsequent years an admin fee of just $299 covers an entire class—not just the number of licenses purchased.
Bill Gates described video learning tools as ‘the future of education’ at the Monterey TED conference in 2011. Adding ‘Alan Parsons’ to your teaching staff—most crucially on a one-on-one basis—will give you a modern, interactive and competitive edge in the fast-growing field of music, media and recording arts programs.
Main Features of the ASSR Educational License
  • All 10 hours of award-winning video permanently and instantly available on individual workstations.
  • Quick and easy navigation to all the different topics within each video.
  • Video controller bar allows play/pause, time skipping, volume, and full screen controls.
  • Available for PC (Window XP, Windows 7) or Mac (10.6 and above) platforms in English, Spanish and German language versions.
  • Any number of Educational Licenses can be purchased. Even One!
  • Access to ASSR website Student Center for source materials, bonus material, forums and the Quizzes.
  • Free Student Center access for 1 year lets every individual student take the online Quizzes—regardless of the number of Educational Licenses purchased.
  • Installation on all your workstations ensures all your students have access to the same opportunities.
  • Build projects and assignments around the material in the series.
  • Have the confidence that all your students will gain a solid grasp of the fundamentals of audio and recording—without you having to drill it into them.
What's the next step?
Simply fill out the Order Form and request a quote at:
Contact: / Keyfax NewMedia on 1-800-752-2780 for more details.
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