THURSDAY TRACK PICK - "Loneliness Road" by Jamie Saft, Steve Swallow and Bobby Previte with Iggy Pop

August 3, 2017

Always expect the unexpected, when pianist and composer Jamie Saft gets involved in a recording project. And that's most definitely the case with this week's THURSDAY TRACK PICK, "Loneliness Road," which features Saft in the company of fellow jazz masters Steve Swallow and Bobby Previte. Also along for the ride is the master of the unexpected himself, punk/pop icon Iggy Pop, who guests on haunting vocals. 

The track hails from the collective's recent release Loneliness Road, which on three tracks marries Pop's vocals and self-penned lyrics to Saft's compositions. This past April, Pop told Rolling Stone, " 'Loneliness Road,' I noticed, OK, Steve's coming in with the bass line early. Suddenly the soundscape suddenly changes. I thought, "Ooh, that's the place to come in with a certain pickup line. It just matched. I knew that in my register it would be good. Later in that one, there were bits where they kinda started swangin', a little bit like a show band, and you'll hear me up the ante a little bit and give a little discreet shout once in a while."

This is a collaboration we won't soon forget. 

Listen to the track below, and for more info, visit


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