Rob Thomas Demonstrates His Songwriting Process in Exclusive Videos

June 18, 2009

The chart-topping singer and songwriter demonstrates his songwriting process on Pro Tools, a Korg OASYS, and Stylus RMX!

For our July 2009 cover story, multiple Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Rob Thomas invited Keyboard contributor Jon Regen into his home in upstate New York, where the two spent the afternoon in the home studio where Rob creates all his demos. We're especially jazzed about the results. Why? Well, it's one thing for a major pop star to wax philosophical about their "creative process" in an interview - that happens all the time. It's much rarer when they fire up the DAW, load some patches on their synth, and show you how they face down a blank arrange window. That's exactly what Rob does here. For more insights into Rob's new album Cradlesong, don't miss the July 2009 issue of Keyboard!

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