Plug & Mix Launches Version 3.0 with 14 New Plug-ins and AAX

January 2, 2013

After 9 months of hard labor, we at DontCrack are so proud to announce the birth of version 3.0 of our P&M - V.I.P series plug-ins that adds full 64-bit support for Mac OS 10,8 (Mountain Lion) and Windows 8, as well as support of Avid's AAX format.

Version 3.0 also includes the 14 most requested plug-ins by our users to complement the 26 existing plug-ins of the V.I.P. Bundle.

And as promised, the UPGRADE to V3.0 is FREE of charge for ALL owners and that is something pretty "user friendly" isn't it ?

The new plug-ins are :

• Octaplexer - Octaver Divider Plug-in
Psycho Ring - An unique Ring Modulator
Ob La Wah - The Virtual WAH-WAH Pedal
Electro Q Tone - Extreme EQ when needed
Talking Tone - Talk box and Vocorder
Deluxe Tilt - Tonic Tilting
Ambiosoniq - Improve your Stereo Image
Stereolizer - Stereo width enlargement
Maxbass - Bass enhancement plug-in
Screamer - Hardcore Screaming Distortion
Liquid Air Q - EQ with presence
Vinylizer - Get that Vinyl Sound
Granulizer - Granular Processing Plug-in
Ls Rotator - Need a great Leslie?

We have been working very closely with our chosen developers to create the plug-ins that our customers have requested. Sound quality was the priority as well as the goal of making the plug-ins as easy and efficient as the existing tool set included in the V.I.P. Bundle.


Now we have a total of 40 creative audio tools that we are very proud of, they let the Professionals and audio enthusiasts take immediate control of their mixes and get superb results without searching through a multitude of parameters. Communicating end users feedback to innovative developers enabled us to create great sounding and easy to use audio plug-ins and that was our goal ! We hope you will enjoy working with P&M professional software.

Please take the time to DOWNLOAD and fully evaluate our plug-ins...

Until January 31, P&M products will stay at the price of $39 for the individuals and $299 for the V.I.P. Bundle

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