Onstage and Backstage at the Billy Joel - Elton John Tour

February 25, 2010

Billy Joel and Elton John’s “Face to Face” tour is perhaps the grandest event in piano-driven rock ever. We recently got to see not one but two full concerts, and to hear both of these legendary piano men in the same night, culminating in them playing duets where they trade verses of each others’ classic, is an experience that defies description. Though popularly known as balladeer-rockers who accompany themselves on piano, when you hear them take solos, there’s no question that they’re world class pianists as well.

What’s it like to play all the keyboards Billy and Elton don’t play as they sit at their face-to-face pianos? What manner of gear and mad skills does it take to cover their multi-decade repertoire? In these exclusive videos with Billy’s longtime keyboardist David Rosenthal, and relative Elton newcomer Kim Bullard—who recently stepped in to replace the late, great Guy Babylon—we find out.

Update: In several Internet news stories that broke on Feb. 26, it was claimed that summer tour dates were "cancelled." We spoke to Billy's people shortly thereafter, and the fact is that a summer tour had never been booked in the first place. Billy explains how the rumors got started in a Rolling Stone piece.

In any case, this may be your only opportunity for some time to get a close look at the team and technology behind this great music, so enjoy!

Can’t see the videos in the window below? Click here to open them separately.


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