New Order's 'Music Complete' Out Friday

September 23, 2015
New Order's imminent new album is Music Complete, an inspired collection that continues and builds on the band's memorable synth- and bass-heavy rhythms and lush melodies (which, of course, blossomed from the deep, dark sounds of Joy Division). These new twisted and beautiful tunes mark the band's first studio full-length in ten years, and the first reappearance with the band by multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Gillian Gilbert since 2001.
The "complete" New Order are: Bernard Sumner, Gillian Gilbert, Stephen Morris, Tom Chapman, and Phil Cunningham. Longtime fans and newcomers alike will be drawn to the intoxicating beats and energized arrangements of these anthemic new songs, as well as be enticed by the presence of guest performers including Iggy Pop and The Killers' Brandon Flowers. Also adding to the electronic fun: guest producer and Chemical Brother Tom Rowlands produced a couple songs. Dig the new New Order.
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