Marian Petrescu - Extended Interview

October 20, 2011
by Robbie Gennet
In the first of a series of extended interviews with today's brightest keyboard stars, we sat down at the piano for a talk with Romanian jazz piano phenomenon Marian Petrescu. Though his style has been likened to the great Oscar Peterson, it's clear within minutes of interacting with him that that's an oversimplification. His understanding of all the great composers of both jazz and classical runs deep--as does his passion for educating listeners about different composers' styles, and on a more general level, the beauty in music that comes from dynamics and a simple willingness to listen.
Conventional Internet video-viewing wisdom says we should have chopped this more than half-hour interview up into a series of bite-sized clips. However, upon listening as Petrescu moved seamlessly from describing--and playing--the signature sonorities of Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev to demonstrating boogie and stride piano to showing the importance of having dynamic range in one's playing ... well, we decided it was perfect as-is.
Special thanks to George Klabin, founder of non-profit music label Resonance Records and the Rising Jazz Stars Foundation, for providing the venue, piano, and video production facilities where we interviewed Mr. Petrescu.
Just watch this thing. No matter how advanced a player you may be, it's impossible not to glean something new from it. But for beginners, it's surprisingly accessible at the same time. Watch the pages of Keyboard for more on Marian Petrescu soon.
UPDATE: Mr. Petrescu is the featured artist in our April 2012 issue, which subscribers will have by mid-March.
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