Jordan Rudess Shares Keyboard Secrets of Dream Theater

July 18, 2012
Dream Theater is currently on tour in support of their new album "A Dramatic Turn of Events," and keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess has made some changes to his rig, switching his OASYS for a newer Kronos, which sits atop a new, custom-made stand that both swivels and has a motorized tilt. But it's not just about the gear. Jordan gives us a look at the custom sounds, splits, and layers he programmed for such DT anthems as "The Spirit Carries On" and others. Ever wonder how he gets all those sounds from the record, live? Here, he shows you himself, in detail.
We also get a look at the latest of the iPad apps he conceives and co-develops with his colleagues at Wizdom Music: SpaceWiz. This generative music app uses an animated solar system, whose orbiting planets have realistic physics and gravitational pulls upon one another, as real-time music creation objects. This is the first ever look at this app, which should be in the App Store soon. It's truly stunning on the latest iPad's Retina display, and as for what it does musically, well ... once you pick it up, it's hard to put it down.
Can't see the video player below? CLICK HERE.

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