EL-P Cancer for Cure

July 20, 2012

El-P (indie-rap hero, production genius, Definitive Jux co-founder, original Company Flow member) finally gives us a full-length followup to 2007’s I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead. Cancer for Cure is a chunk of pure 24-karat hip-hop gold. With stellar production, quick-witted rap flows, piano (yup), dirty synths, and super-thick bass and drums, C4C defines the word “tight.” “The Jig Is Up,” “Stay Down,” and “True Story” are standouts. C4C is replete with guests, including Killer Mike, Mr. Muthaf***in’ eXquire, and—no joke—Paul Banks of Interpol. El-P drops a key piece of advice in “The Full Retard” that can be easily applied to overall vibe of C4C: “You should pump this s***/like they do in the future.” (definitivejux.net) LORI KENNEDY

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