Bassmaxx Launches CCM112 YesMon Powered Monitor

August 15, 2012

AUSTIN, Texas, August 14, 2012BASSMAXX (, an industry leader in high-output subwoofers and audiophile-quality professional loudspeakers, is proud to announce the launch of the bi-amped CCM112 YesMon Powered Monitor. The CCM112 is scheduled to ship in the 4th quarter of 2012 with an MSRP of $2,570.00

img “Big things can definitely come in small packages,” said David Lee, president and designer at BASSMAXX. “We put many ‘big’ elements into this very small monitor, so the size of the CCM simply does not prepare you for its capabilities and output. We’ve had major artists presented with them for use as a stage monitor who took a look at them with disdain, saying ‘That’s not going to be big enough, mate’, and then look astonished when we turned them on! It definitely is a big surprise when you compare size to volume.

 Lee explained that the biggest news about the compact CCM112 may be the development of tailored anti-feedback presets for specific major-brand microphones.  “When the preset that matches your specific microphone is loaded, the monitor is automatically EQ’d for maximum gain before feedback, meaning that the monitor/mic combination is practically  ‘rung out’ for you, leaving little or no tuning required by the user for maximum sound and minimum hassles,” continued Lee. “This is a great time-saver for the professional and a great problem solver for the amateur. New microphone presets will be made available for download from as they come to market and/or by customer special request. Up to 60 presets can be stored on the DSP through a USB or Ethernet interface and, once loaded, can be recalled though the on-board display controller without a computer hook-up.” 

 Physically, the CCM112 is an extremely compact 12-inch monitor that incorporates a 1500W Powersoft class D amplifier coupled to a high power handling neodymium woofer and a co-axially mounted 1.4-inch exit compression driver. The co-axial point source provides more consistent off-axis response and superior feedback rejection. Performance is enhanced by a 96kHz networkable DSP, unique anti-feedback DSP programming with up to 60 presets on board and unlimited presets available online.

 The CCM112 and its DSP presets are designed to deliver maximum gain before feedback, maximum output level, maximum utility, and maximum reliability. The minimums were focused on size and weight. The cabinet is made of Baltic Birch, measures 14in. x 15in. x 12in. and weighs 30.6 lbs. It has four deployment angles plus a cast metal pole-mount. Its small size and lightweight Neodymium magnet structure allows for easy transport and the 1500W class D amp and on-board DSP make setup a snap. Power in, signal in, ready to begin.

  “A great monitor is one that gives you headroom and not headaches,” Lee concluded. “The CCM112 was made for anyone who wants to be able to carry an entire monitor rig in each hand without breaking a sweat, who would rather take their own monitors on the road than rely on whatever happens to be at the gig, who works in venues with small stages, has to supply an entire show’s lights and sound out of one truck, or who needs a really powerful speaker in a tiny little box. Or, all of the above. Although we class them as monitors, they can power an entire small show with one on each side and a BASSMAXX sub below.”

 Additional specifications include:

·     Frequency response (±3 dB): 80-18,000Hz

·     Maximum sustained output: 123 dB

·     Short-term peak output: 126dB

·     Enclosure type: multi-angle acoustic suspension wedge

·     Dimensions (H x W x D):  14in. x 15in. x 12in.

·     Net weight: 30.6 lbs.

·     Shipping weight: 35 lbs.

·     Exterior finish:  high-pressure polyurethane 

·     Grill: custom-cut diffraction pattern foam-backed 1/8in. aluminum

·     Voltage operating range:  95-250V, auto-switching

·     Current draw:  95-125V: 3.6A@1/8 power, 195-250V: 2.2A@1/8 power

·     DSP: comprehensive bi-amped processing, custom anti-feedback presets


BASSMAXX products are designed to deliver high fidelity and high-output, and also to be low maintenance and incredibly rugged.  The electronics and circuitry are covered by the BASSMAXX 2-year ‘Sound Defense’ warranty with a 6-year limited warranty on the cabinet. 

 For more information on BASSMAXX products and services, please call 713-397-4466, or visit

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