Vintage Synth Geekfest at Sonic Reality39s Studios
Sun, 22 Nov 2009

Recently, Keyboard's Robbie Gennet was gigging and recording near Miami, and got to visit the home of Sonic Reality. Now, we all know them as a maker of Reason ReFills, soft synths, and other music software, but you may not know what a serious vintage synth fanatic proprietor Dave Kerzner is. It's obvious why the guy's plug-ins and ReFills are so good: His heart belongs to the real deal.

In this video tour, Robbie, Dave, and Allan take us around SR's studios, explaining nearly every instrument in their formidable vintage keyboard collection, and playing some of the classic licks that made these keyboards famous. There are a lot of synths you probably want here--and a few you may not have known existed! Simon Collins even drops in in video 12 to check things out, and in the final episode, we get a tour of SR's control room, featuring the SSL console used during the Johnny Carson era of NBC's The Tonight Show.

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