New Features in Steinberg Cubase 55
Wed, 15 Sep 2010

Steinberg guru Greg Ondo dropped in on editor Stephen Fortner recently to demo the new features in HALion Sonic, Nuendo 5, and, in the videos below, Cubase 5.5. Central are VST Expression, which lets you manage and see articulations of VST instruments in an incredibly fluid and intuitive way; and PitchCorrect, which does the same thing for pitch correction. Steinberg coded all these innovations from the ground up, despite the resemblance between PitchCorrect and Celemony Melodyne.

Between these two features, working with VST instruments and audio is integrated into the DAW environment in a way that raises the bar a few notches relative to anything we've seen before, particularly with regard to seeing sheet-music notation and piano roll MIDI at the same time.  Can't see the videos below? CLICK HERE.


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