Erik Deutsch Hush Money
By Jon Regen
Mon, 1 Feb 2010

0.00HushMoneyKeyboardist Erik Deutsch’s latest release Hush Money is an aural escape from the norm. Featuring a sonorous meeting of both acoustic instruments — guitars, reeds, and percussion — and vintage keyboards from Deutsch’s own collection, the album is jazz in its structure, but atmospheric in its affect. Many of the tracks on Hush Money sound like perfect material for cinematic sound cues. “Black Flies” pits sneaky, ostinato piano and bass lines against shifting horn figures and analog synth shimmer. “Flytrap” features dissonant piano chords and electronic filter sweeps. And on “Dirty Osso Bucco,” Deutsch struts with Hammond organ, funk beats, and a barn-burning horn section. The album is impressive in both the wide sonic swath it cuts across a multitude of genres, and in how it celebrates Deutsch’s unique musical ability to merge a variety of tonal textures into a soundscape all his own.

(Hammer and String, )
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