Epix 10 Bundle is everything you need for music production
Fri, 10 Jan 2014

Toronto, Canada January 10th, 2014 -- Xchange Market Platform is excited to announce the release of their Epix Bundle 10, the most complete package ever released of music and audio production tools derived from a unique collaboration of 25 of the world’s best known producers of music technology products. This bundle includes 41 high quality software tools, utilities and tutorials at an unprecedented price accessible to the working musicia

       At its heart is the award winning PreSonus Studio One Producer DAW with full mastering and a full suite of software titles providing access to thousands of instruments from creators such as Arturia, Cakewalk, Sugar Bytes, XLN Audio and much, much more. On top of this, the musician will be getting drum kits and beat making tools from Image Line, Steve Slate as well as effects and treatment tools from Antares, Celemony, IK Multimedia, OHM Force and others. Finish off the selection with DJ tools, libraries, tutorials and utilities and you have everything you will ever need.

        Epix 10 Bundle is available for a limited time only at Guitar Center Stores, Guitar Center.com and Musiciiansfriend.com

        For more information on Xchange, visit www.Xchangemarket.com

        Street Price: $499

        SRP: $999

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