Dual-Manual Drawbar Organs Unboxed and Played
By Stephen Fortner
Thu, 5 Jul 2012
For our August issue (which you should have in your hands any second now if you're a subscriber), we rounded up three of the latest organs that duplicate the sound of a Hammond B-3 and Leslie speaker. As we've reviewed a lot of instruments in this category in recent months (including the Hammond SK1 and Studiologic Numa Organ), we decided to focus this roundup on organs that had two manuals to satisfy serious players, yet were still light enough that a single musician could reasonably tuck one under an arm and walk from the car to the venue's stage.
These came down to the Hammond SK2, Nord's now drawbar-festooned C2D, and the new Mojo from the rebooted Crumar company out of Italy. In these videos, editor Stephen Fortner gets his hands on each for the first time. Read the full reviews in the August 2012 issue.
Can't see the video player below? CLICK HERE.
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