Dispatches from MMTA SynthFest
Sat, 16 Mar 2013
If you're sleepless in Seattle, it's probably because someone is waking you up by coaxing ungodly filter sweeps and techno sequences out of a wall-filling modular synth. At least that's the case this weekend, and we're working on the other 365 days of the year.. The Pacific Northwest is now home to its own convocation of analog and modular synthesizer musicians and manufacturers, thanks to the Mostly Modular Trade Association.
SynthFest features a hands-on "Petting Zoo"; a tradeshow-type room where local developers show off their wares; a presentation room for performances by the likes of Mark Mosher, the people who made the "I Dream of Wires" modular synth documentary, and other luminaries; and a jam session where synth players can set up and musically bond.
Our friend Matrixsynth is live-blogging the whole event, and we're pleased to share his first slideshow with you. Hit the source link for more, and look for a feature on how to get into modular synths in our July 2013 issue!
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