About Daft Punk's "Derezzed" Patch From the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack
Tue, 11 Oct 2011
By Mitchell Sigman

Here are some notes on my Daft Punk "Derezzed" patch from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack.

"derezz_one_osc.mp3"- one simple sawtooth wave.

"derezz_two_osc.mp3"- another sawtooth, tuned down an octave, and set to half the volume of osc one.

"derezz_three_osc.mp3"- this oscillator is set to the "RoughMathII" wave, two octaves and 8 cents up.

"derezz_feedback.mp3"- here I've added Massive's Feedback function, set halfway up.

"derezz_feedback_clipper.mp3"- now I add Massive's Hardclipper from the Insert 1 tab, set with wet and drive full up.

"derezz_feedback_clipper_stPhase.mp3"- now with Massive's Phaser from the FX1 tab set to heavy depth and slow speed.

"derezz_verb.mp3"- this adds a chintzy Logic Goldverb plug set at 0.65 decay and 50% wet/dry ratio.

"derezz_verb_dist.mp3"- finally I add a big ugly distortion with Logic's Distortion plug. Drive is set at 34.5 db, tones at 2900 Hz, and output at -16.0 db. Be careful, this plug can get loud!

"derezz_1.ksd"- this is the patch itself for Native Instruments Massive. To load it in to Massive, just click the File button next to the patch name window at the top, select Open Sound, then click on the derezz_1.ksd file.

11-2011 Steal This Sound - Daft Punk's "Derezzed" by KeyboardMag
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