Retro Ads: Polyfusion Modular Synths

April 7, 2016

Our collection of retro ads is littered with obscure audio and boutique gear companies that never made it much farther past the back pages of our magazine. Their products may or may not have been great, but nonetheless now little more than esoteric curiosities for collectors.

The case of Polyfusion seems to follow that pattern until you look just a little deeper. The company started as a two-man “basement operation” in Lancaster, NY outside of Buffalo in 1975. Its Series 2000 modular synth system was its marquee product, and in 1977 it had a 36-item catalog of modules, keyboards and accessories.

Company materials touted the unprecedented flexibility of the Series 2000 modular system. “Every input and output for every function is directly accessible so that you can patch any combination from the most bizarre outrage to the most sublime subtlety,” read the 1977 catalog. “Individual modules can be easily removed and rearranged without tools,” it conntinued.

Our ad shown here also noted, the “FF-1 Frequency Follower can literally turn anything that produces a tone into a synthesizer controller.”

Well before the ‘80s were through, Polyfusion had all but disappeared from the music manufacturing space, but it had continued to grow as a technical and manufacturing sub-contractor for a variety of industries.

The company seems to be thriving today as Polyfusion Electronics, Inc., still in Lancaster, NY, but now in a 20,000 sq.-ft. facility supplying components for customers in the robotics, LED lighting, medical equipment and other industries.

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