When you think about it, the word "lunchbox" has always had connotations of the extremely practical and frugal. Your co-worker spends $15 to $30 on lunch (or a lot more, given that I'm currently in New York City) but you bring your lunchbox. So why is it that in the audio world, lunchboxed gear conjures up images of the exotic and unapproachable. Well, it's because it's a highly convenient format if, for example, you don't need an entire console's worth of Neve 1073 preamps, but just two or three or four. All that may prove is that frugal is a matter of perspective, but Radial has taken an important and very big step in making the lunchbox much more frugal and practical for, you know, the rest of us.

All I'll do by way of typing is tell you that this thing streets for just $999. Okay, maybe a bit more: it's an API style rack Radial calls the Workhorse 5000, and it can fit their modules or many other companies' as well. From here, I'll let Radial president Peter Janis take it away, because when he describes what you get for your grand, if you're any kind of audio geek at all, you won't believe it. (Can't resist one more piece of info: it includes a mixer, but that's just the beginning . . . )

In part 2 (coming soon), we'll get into all the Radial modules that go in it.

Trouble seeing this video? Click here.

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